Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Im starting school in less than a week's time. soooo not looking forward to it. gaaah. Didnt went for the orientation today. dont see the point of going. plus its 9am in the morning!!! omfg. hopefully there's nice people there. MUST study hard this time & pass with flying colors! mummy's money cannot be wasted. school fees so expensive. idiot. wonder how many people went for the orientation.. hope there aint much!

Wonder what kind of people will be there. Wonder what time school starts on Monday. bet it would be 9am. tsk. its Jessalyn tan's birthday too! haven got the time to get her any presents, i think i'll just treat her to some good food, when i get my pay. im so broke now, everyone has gotten their paycheck expect us. tsk.

im hungry & bored to tears. Got to work tomorrow which is sad but on happier note, im ending work at 6pm. my first pay from starhub isnt here yet and here am i thinking of quitting the job. -.- seriously, i hate sitting there all day long making calls, cope up in a office. can dieeeeee. :( whatever, one step at a time.

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