Monday, December 27, 2010

Guys, do u realize that the girl who is holding onto u now is PERFECT in her own special way?

The way she laughs..
The way she sleeps..

The way she sulks..

The way she smiles..

The way she cries..

The way she thinks of you..

The way she tries to please you...

The way she sacrifices for you..
The way she wants to understand you..

The way she's loving you with all her heart!

Always remember that she can always get up and walk away,getting someone else who can loves her more.There might be someone out there who is willing to love her more than you are loving her now, fulfill her every needs and loves her as much as she loves you. Or maybe loves her more than she loves you but definitely loving her more than you do! For all you know, there might already be someone out there wooing her, be it from a distance or as a gentleman. But she is rejecting, because she believes in perfect love.

For whom she will share her joys n tears together with.
For whom she promise to be faithful to
For whom she will commit herself into.

To her, you're her perfect love!

Understand that.
Guys, you might be thinking that the love is fading. You can't find the freshness between the two of you. Everything is stale to you now. Everywhere seems the same to you. You said "been there done that". So you went and look for another. Imagine this. Behind her back, you're hugging and kissing another girl. When you see her today, you do the same, but you still see love in her eyes, while others are just some flings. Do you feel the hurt? Can you feel the guilt?

For you must know that every new thing brings an excitement to us. Only to be bored and sick of it after we're so used being together.
She might not be feeling the hurt now, because she doesn't know.She might be feeling something's not right, because she can sense it.But she's still holding on to you

Not because she's stupid,
Not because she's dumb
Not because she's a fool.
but because
She believes you will not break her full-hearted heart.

She believes you will not let her tears flow.

She believes you will keep your promises.

She believes this is love!

She loves you not because you are pleasant looking, sweet talker, or that you have 5cs. She loves you for who you are. Your every touch, every word you say, everything you do.
She was born imperfect. Everyone is! Only what she wants from you is almost perfect! And she knows she can't do it alone. It needs two hands to clap. Guys, for her, being the upmost girlfriend is to endure your every moves, your every moodswings, your every words and actions. Even when dealing with the most unbearable pain, she will bear it for your sake but once she knows that the time is up, she will leave you with the most unforgettable painful memories you both had, from the sweetest to the very last moment she had to leave, because of your doings

Guys, cherish and appreciate your girl. Don't break her fragile heart. She is the only one who can loves you this way. You won't wanna regret letting go of that special girl you have. For everything she has done for you,the least you can do is to give her unconditional love as she has given to you because you should know, her love and sacrifice doesn't mean forever.
When she finally realise that you are not worth her love, she will leave you for the one who deserves her love. Guys, don't ever leave the one you love, for the one you like because one day, the one you like will leave you, for the one they love..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before heading downstairs for dinner with my mum, i shall blog!
The only thing that makes me happy which is i gotten myself a full time job! which is at tampines! Pay wise, not bad too. More of sales kind of job. Job scope is to help people to find jobs. working in a job agency what! of course help people whose jobless to find jobs.

Starting work next monday. which left a few days time! In a mad rush of hunting clothes. i got not much of formal or work dress you see. just spent a bomb on blazer, work pants. and there's more to come!! MY MONEY AHHHHH!!! :(

Will be heading down to their HQ to sign the contract, Yvonne accompanying me which is great! Cause i dont have to be so scared and i'll have more confidence! hahahha. after that, we shall go far east to shop for my clothes. -.-

Alright, Overdued pictures again! Going down to meet mum now! heh.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm soooooooooo bored. Other than deciding what should i eat for lunch., what show to watch, what time baby calling me, mum buying what for dinner, shop online spend $$, i got absolute nothing to do. basically im rotting at home. -.-
Desperately looking for full time jobs. Suddenly i feel that school is good, i dont have to think what to do everyday. I want a job real badly, cause i get buy new clothes, i wont get my time wasted like that and most of all i get money!!!
i got high expectations though, location cannot be too far, timing cannot work on weekends, pay must be good enough. ah whatever. geez.

On a happier note, my boy doesnt get confinement! he's having another block leave in dec. and he's coming back tomorrow!! :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haven been update since July. About 2months have passed. my boy is gonna POP soon! Going overseas during his block leave.

Gotta myself a job at Praise in Bugis. i bought 2 tees from them before getting my paycheck! tsk. ohwell. staff price at least! heh. And also, i won liese bubble hair color! how lucky can i get!

Very very very overdued pictures.

its okay, his confinement has ended!

Monday, July 05, 2010

I know i haven been updating for a long long time.

Here's some overdued pictures. :)

One of the album:

I haven been shopping a lot lately, me likey. Cant wait for my pay to come!!!!
& USS im coming! MONEY FLY~~