Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before heading downstairs for dinner with my mum, i shall blog!
The only thing that makes me happy which is i gotten myself a full time job! which is at tampines! Pay wise, not bad too. More of sales kind of job. Job scope is to help people to find jobs. working in a job agency what! of course help people whose jobless to find jobs.

Starting work next monday. which left a few days time! In a mad rush of hunting clothes. i got not much of formal or work dress you see. just spent a bomb on blazer, work pants. and there's more to come!! MY MONEY AHHHHH!!! :(

Will be heading down to their HQ to sign the contract, Yvonne accompanying me which is great! Cause i dont have to be so scared and i'll have more confidence! hahahha. after that, we shall go far east to shop for my clothes. -.-

Alright, Overdued pictures again! Going down to meet mum now! heh.

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