Sunday, May 16, 2010

I cant believe that school is actually starting tomorrow. omg. scary shit. another shit thing is i gotta wake up at 7.30am cause i need to be in school by 9am. omfggggg. im so dead.

I hate my job. i dont want to work anymore. isnt fun. bores me to core. sit there all day long doesnt make me happy at all. geez. :(

anyway, tomorrow is my jessalyn's birthday. she's old. heading out with her. shall take many many photos! hahahhaha. i think thats the happiest thing happen to me for tomorrow. -.-

went to helipad last saturday. Drama started when jessalyn got drunk. Drama mama seriously. omg. gonna make sure it wont happen EVER again, get it jess?

okay, something for you guys. to lose weight more effectively.

For blood type O, their diet profile is high protein foods - meat eaters.
Food that help: seafood, salt, liver, red meat, spinach, broccoli.
Food to avoid: purpose: wheat, corn, lentils, cabbage, cauliflower.

For blood type A, their dief profile should be more vegetarian style
Food that help: soy foods, vegetables, pineapples
Food to avoid: meat, dairy, kidney beans, lima beans, wheat

For blood type B, their diet profile is balanced omnivore
Food that help: greens, eggs, venison, liver, licorice, tea.
Food to avoid : corn, lentil, peanuts, seeds, buckwheat, CHICKEN.

For blood type AB, their diet profile is mixed diet in moderation
Food that help: tofu, seafood, dairy, greens, kelp, pineapple
Food to avoid for: red meat, kidney beans, seeds, corn, buckwheat.

Lastly, pictures!!

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