Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Officially started work on monday. it was awfully tiring. wake up early, end work late, go home eat sleep. machiam no life like that, me dont like. but what to do, pay wise is good compared to others, timing wise is commit 16hours per week that's it, environment wise is not bad, able to use internet, able to slack whenever you like. WHERE TO FIND FOR STUDENTS LIKE US. not including those "models" of course.

Met up with jessalyn last Saturday which explain on the photo spam you guys will see later on, or you guys have already seen it in FB. As usual, spent a lot on FOOD, yes solely on food. we're gluttons i know. side track, i effing love my maxi dress AND IM GETTING ANOTHER ONE. im getting my hair done next week if no delays, so no more frizzy ugly hair okay jazzy? -.-

For now, i need to save some cash for the KL trip at the end of the month. hopefully i will get those cheap cheap nice nice pretty pretty clothes. gotta start work at 11am tomorrow!!! OMG. my dark rings....oh well, forget it. there's something call concealer or eye masks.

im gonna put face mask after baby reach my house & sleep!!