Thursday, February 04, 2010

let's see, i haven been updating for ages. 10days left to Chinese New Year. Aint getting the "im gonna get angbaos mood" yet. Wonder why. Ever since the year 2010 started, nothing good has happen to me. not good not good. tsk. quarrels with bf, studies bla bla not good. hopefully things will get better if not i swear i would go insane!

Saw a pumps from tracyeinny that i fall in love at first sight! should i buy?! Shall buy it if they send an invoice to me. its just so pretty!! omfg cant help it but to comment on it. & that $40 bag i saw from bugis, so overpriced but i love it a lot! have been looking for a white bag for so long! but $40...... shall head down next week with jessalyn, if its still there, im gonna bargain for a nice discount & buy it! spendthrift me. :(

Currently at grandma's house. she's whipping up dinner for me & sister! smells good. her cooking is the best! esp her chicken wings! droooools. hungry hungry, okay maybe not just wanna eat. blah. me fat i know. geez.

look at those puppies! aint they cute?! i want a dog so badly. ever since after happy passed away, i feel so lonely when im at home. Used to wake up with her around, used to have her to welcome me back when im home, used to talk bullshits to her, used to trick her with food on my hands, used to have her when im sad/emo, used to tell her my secrets. sigh. its not even 2months yet & i miss her so much. hate staying at home. :'(

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