Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Finally, after dont know how many weeks. went on a date with baby to bugis. he want to buy some berms, i want to buy that $40 bag. feel god damn happy when the bag is finally mine! asked for discounts, last piece & $5 discount. hahahahah. bought a floral dress which is damn cute, most of all nice. deciding if i should wear that on the first day of CNY. or the one i planned before hand? hmmm...

had a new hair cut somewhere last week. the aunty snip a lot of my hair. every person who cut my hair always says that i have very very thick hair. i know i know. i think its damn good to have thick hair alright?! future when you're old, wont get bald easily. tsk.

5 more days to Chinese New Year. im fully prepared! i want to win win win $$ this year. a bit i happy already. lol.

KFC's egg tart. current favorite. ^^

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