Sunday, January 31, 2010


Scorpio gals are all about [Sexy] style in 2010
You'll be no.1 as long as you get your sexy on and show off your sex appeal

Lips:Sex up those lips with tons of lip gloss for the perfect kissing lips.
Eyes: wink up your eyeliner for those cat/animal eyes
Lash: volume those lashes to make sure the boys cant take their eyes off yo.

Key: Sexy Style
Show off your shoulders in 2010~
Something loose but when worn, it shows off just how sexy you are.
Your popularity will level up if you can find something that goes all the way to your fingers.
(seen on model)

Shoes: Knee high or below ankle.
Accessories: wine red items.

Rose Deco
Rose deco is bound to increase your luck this year!
Rose deco from your hair curler, brush, comb to your portable mirror
will definitely UP your beauty!

How to slim down for Scorpio gals this year?
Find a boyfriend or a guy you like and you'll sure to slim down.
If not, join a dance class.

GOOD LOVE DATES: February 14th ~ February 25th
Confession on Valentines day!
You might fall in to a crazy love like you've never had before!

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: February 20th ~ March 18th
You might win a Beauty Pageant.
Also you might be basking in the spotlight of something special.

wonder if its true....

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