Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest in peace alright? me joey ong liying love you very very much. in fact all of us do. please please please come back and look for me okay? let me dream of you. i know you gone to a better place. no more suffering nothing but happines and tons of food for you. you love me very very very much too right happy? you was very very very strong. jiejie know you want to live but you cant do anything about it. jie jie know, you came back 4times. what strong willpower you have. must come back see me okay? protect me from those ghosts etc during 7th month. i know you will.

lastly, fuck the person who left the rat poison in the park. bastard. son/daughter of a bitch. idiot. my fucking dog died because of you. dont ever ever fucking ever let me see you leaving any rat poison in the park. i swear i'll give you one fucking tight slap & of course give you hell.

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