Monday, December 21, 2009

about a week since i've updated. basically i got no mood to due to happy my precious little dog had passed away. well, i still cant really get over that she's gone forever. :( i miss her so badly. sigh. cant help but to blame myself. sigh. sometimes i still feel that she's in the house with us. geez. her soul is with us. heh. makes me feel better at least. thanks to my sugarboy & jessalyn uh, came all the way down just for me, comforting me, lending me your shoulders to cry on. i feel so blessed with you guys around. :) loveeeee you! <333

Daddy bought me a new fan which is like super duper windy. Went Ikea together with sugarboy after so long. Shopped a lot lately although im in debts already. owe mom & auntie a lot due to happy's bills. stupid pet hospital, cant save my dog still wanna charge so much. ridiculous shit. Feel so carefree without having to go to school, waking up early. double love when my boy wakes up right beside me. he have been accompanying for the past few days straight. sweet right?! maybe he's afraid that i might commit suicide or something. lol.

my boy given me a early xmas present. an blueblack eye. 2days ago, when he did it. i didnt even feel any pain. after that, my eye swollen!!! so ugly please. nearly scare me to death when i look into the mirror. luckily it had gotten better. if not, baby gonna get it from me! hahahahah. cant stop complaining about my eye. awfully pain can. zzz. irritating.

lastly, pictures.

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