Sunday, December 13, 2009

hello sugarbaby, something for you.

I love all the times (mostly) we've spent together. I love when both of us smile when we kissed. I love how we talk to each other side by side before turning in. I love jumping on you & curl my legs around you. I love to see you cook for me. I love to see you do or say things solely because of me, it makes me feel very very special. I love giving you sneak attacks. I love burping in your mouth. I love waking up in your arms & see you smiling at me. I love biting you & hearing you ouch in pain. I love to hear you sleep talk (cause its all about me) I love blowing wind into your mouth. I love you hugging me from the back & sleep. I love how we make those lovey dovey eyes to each other. I love to see you getting so uptight when i give you gucci attacks. I love how you give in to me whenever i start pouting. I love how you dominate me (sometimes) I love seeing you acting cute because it makes me smile. I love the times you were there for me, I love everything about you (almost) , us & I want all of these to last.. I'm so grateful to have you. you know i dont know how to sweet talk or pacify or so ever. i got no idea how to say. but i know im at fault, forgive me will you? and put your heart & soul inside me again. i promise i wont do what you wont want me to do again. stop saying all those fucking mean words, me hate it muthafucking much. you dont see me saying all this to you loh! but nevertheless, I'm sorry for all those tantrums i throw. I'm sorry for being so stubborn. I'm sorry for getting you upset. I'll try my best to be your good girlfriend okayokayokay promise! :)

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