Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm not good at expressing my feelings, expressing what am i thinking. sometimes what i said out doesnt mean that i meant that way. maybe i said it at the fit of anger? maybe i want to make you jealous? i dont know. i dont mean what i said, but you tends to believe what i said. just to let you know that all those stuff that i said which affected you badly, i dont mean it. gou shi xin fei, you know? you also know i dont like people to control me. i said it a lot of times. give me freedom & i 'll love you more & of course trust me. i dont break my promises i made you. i dont want to feel like a bird in a cage. i dont want us to fight over & over again because all sorts of things. its kinda pointless cause our views are totally mega different. aiyah, i got no idea what am i saying. forget it.

at the end of day, i still love you very very much. & you'll give me a happy life right?

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