Friday, November 13, 2009

Have been skipping school madly for the past few days. On wed, head out with my friends & gf for my belated birthday celebration. Watched My girlfriend is an agent. hilarious to the extent that i got super thirsty due to laughing too much. After that, went for supper. gf stayed over my place. awesome night. hahahha. gotten a prada present. ohwell, inside joke. hahah. nevertheless, me still appreciate the present. heh.

i'm so broke now. have been spending non stop after i got my paycheck. gah. got to stop spending & start saving! maybe work more despite the fact that i'm so lazy to work. maybe i go buy 4D, win some money. hopefully. enough whining. now, go cook some instant noodles, watch some animes, get prepared & head out for work. im happy that im not working tomorrow! cause of FYP. ah boring. stupid FYP. turning everyone insane.

I want to eat Ikea's meatballs, Waraku, Pasta de Waraku, Teppanyaki, Xiaolongbaos, Frolicks, Baked oysters & many many more. im a sucker for food. geez. grow fat already still eat so much. i want "23" waist! 1inch only also so hard to slim. tmd.

okaaay, grumbling post. goodbye.

You'll never guess correctly what's inside. (:

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