Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally, 4days of IT fair, almost 48 hours of standing are over. my legs are screaming for help even up till now. omg. The location this time at expo. sales isnt that good despite me working harder than before. ohwell, at least overall paycheck would be better than helipad's. saying of helipad, im getting my pay this week! mad happy i tell you! no more poor days. major massive shopping spree!

the next happy thing is my sugarboy pass his driving test! he just sent me home by driving. feel sooooo good. he cant stay over tonight though. geez. sometimes i really dislike his mum. this cannot that cannot. so irritating. my parents didnt really say a thing about my sugarboy staying over for the past 2days. zzz. got me into such a bad mood now. buay tahan his mother.

btw, watched Ninja Assassin. Movie so so. kinda gross. Rain was handsome in some angles. his hair not nice, i dont like it. cant stop commenting on his hair. he look so much nicer with his old hair style or tied up. love the drama "full house" that he acted in. makes me go gaaaah gaaah over him. one of the best korean guys i love.

whatever. im heading to bed now. Last day of school tomorrow. Final year presentation. waited for so long for this day. awesome.

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