Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Haven been updating about a week. Holidays have been great. non stop of playing. carefree life. sweet moments with my sugarboy. he just went to bed due to his medical check up tomorrow morning at 8.30am. wonder how is he gonna wake up so early. that lazy boy of mine. geez. Gonna whip up some nice nice yummy yummy food specially for him tomorrow. Cant wait.

i wanna go candle! jessalyn accompany me go! we buy in bulk. cheaper. i want to shop shop shop eat eat eat! maybe i should go do some commission earning job like what louis is doing now in order to shop more. since the commission is high, so why not? hahah.

I'm bored. i want to head down to Geylang 126 for dim sum. but baby sleeping. gaaaah. me hungry. omg, i cant remember what i ate for dinner. shall eat something light. bet dinner would be a heavy meal. i have decided to watch my animes till im tired enough to crash my bed. No pictures, nothing. boringgggg. wait la wait, wait for me to take more photos okay?

lastly, happy anniversary, sugarboy. loveyou. stop being meanie alright? heh.

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