Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everything is good again. hopefully things will get better, especially after the heart to heart talk. All sort of things has been going quite well for now.

woke up early in the morning. went to do the prayers for my grandma. off to IMM daiso. Lunched at Waraku, mummy was happy because of the 30% discount. bill decreased a lot. hahahah. sugarbaby came over my crib after that. out to airport to send his family off to korea for holiday. i dont want go korea i want go japan! those 2 cousins are cuties. kissed me goodbye before they went in. awwwwww. baby doesnt have! heh. back to baby's house, chilled & back my home.

Should i paint my nails with the newly bought sally hansen nail polish. ages since i bought nail polish. okay, i think i should only but after i wake up. Cant wait for my effing pay to arrive in my hands. there's soooo many things i want to buy! but i shall buy those i need urgently first.
  • Wave Hoop (old one dead)
  • 2 Demin jeans
  • Contact lens.
  • White loafers (old one dead)
lastly, im so in love with my heels! :D

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