Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Since i cant get to sleep, might as well spend a little time updating. who knows my sleeping bug might kick in after updating. Went to Ehub for movie with sugar boy. the bus trip took nearly an hour! its only from bedok to Ehub, mind you! i was 10mins late. miss a small part of the movie. sugar boy was complaining about it. blah. manage to shut him up in the end though. heh. the movie isnt as nice as the trailer. almost the same as Gamer but slightly better. those robots looks too perfect. how can the humans inside look so slim when they are cooped at home for the whole entire time? weird. me thinks that the main actor is handsome. told you i have fetish for guys with goatees. hahah. but sugarboy confirm doesnt look good in goatees. geez. Had Fish&Co for dinner. bused back home aftermath.

drank milk, ate a bit to fill my hungry stomach. maybe i cant sleep cause im too hungry? geez. i have been sleeping a lot for the past few days. well, since school is reopening again. must sleep more while i can! Wondering if i should fetch sticky boy from work tomorrow. i shall go fetch him, if im dont feel lazy. i felt like i was in little India for that moment when i step into his office building. omg. im not being racist, just that the smell is tiny winy too overwhelming for me to bear. maybe i should just wait for him in cityhall? hmmmm..

I want to visit Sterling Memorial Library & Berkeley College in Yale!!
OMFG, isnt it effing gorgeous?

Sheffield Sterling Strathcona building
One of the reading rooms. bet i will have fun studying inside.
Sterling Memorial Library's hallway.
Detail from Berkeley College's dining hall
Even the common room is so beautiful.
Credits to Zemotion.

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