Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tomorrow working again. No more gays. geez. i have been spending like water lately. gotta start saving and work slightly more than usual. Sugar boy is sleeping currently. im bored.. ohwell, talking to joey chua cures part of my boredom. i like talking to him, somehow we got the same frequency about most stuff. he taught me quite a lot, like a big brother to me. i yearn for one big brother. haha. shall play some poker later on & watch some animes. for the past few days was sugarboy's days. due to me, he didnt have much sleep, plus he got work the next morning. his dark eyes getting darker & darker. lol.

right now mum is disturbing my dad. how lovey dovey. so old already, still acting as though they're like 20plus. but still, i want my husband and i to be like this too. hahahah. Saturday heading down to sugarboy's granny's house. good food + save money. hahah. lack of money, must save save save. have to be mentally prepared to see his relatives & cousins again. his small cousins are darn "no comments". too young already, cant blame them. tsk.

Beautiful Pictures from all over the world. how i wish i can go there..

Cherry Blossoms Japan


Autumn in Germany

The beauty of Antarctica

Saltzburg Austria - the most beautiful city we have ever seen.

Neuschwannstein, King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria , Germany

Windmills of Holland

Beauty of Tibet

Disney Castle

Golden Maple Leaf

Edge of Glacier

Lavender Farm and Tree

Lavender Farm

The Night Scene of Eiffel Tower

Blue Sea

Earthbound Rainbow


Lavender at the Foot of the Mountain

Comet (Make a wish)

The Purple Romance

Breithorn Peak ( Switzerland )

Deep Autumn

The Moon and Star on Earth

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