Monday, October 12, 2009

friday night for work. isnt that bad expect for that girl. makes my blood boil the moment i think of it. talk as if i owe her my fucking life. so old already, still dont know how to talk nicely. tsk. even jess dislikes her. me being the youngest there even knows better. No wonder there's no peace because there's this kind of people on earth. tsk. jealously really kills. hahahaah. Had a talk with Boss Chris while being the door bitch. he's a nice guy. he even ask hairmie to personally train me. also said that he gonna teach me whatever i want to learn. the funny thing is when he says "nobody can bully you expect me". one funny boss. i like this sentence of all when he says "any problem come tell me" awesome boss.

another convo which i thinks quite cute
Chris: joey boy is a nice guy. i like him. always joke around.
Me: yah, indeed. im joey ong, he's joey chua.
Chris: i like both joeys but i prefer joey ong more.
Me: *smile smile* (laughing in my heart)

after that, talk to hairmie. found out that he isnt that scary as he seems to be. another nice guy. Santos asked me to go prawning after work with the crews but i rejected cause firstly its too far, secondly im too tired. hahah. hopefully there's next time, without that girl of course. to think that i had to take the same bus home with her. omg. how i wish i can take cab home. pray hard sugar boy fucking pass his car license so he can fetch me home.

Saturday, nothing happening. wanted to head down to simlim square to take my remaining pay but weather was too insane. headed to sugar boy's granny house instead. his small cousin, zheng yu was damn cute. kept on clinging to him non stop despite seeing the second time only. even sugar boy got jealous of him. hahahah. went to the movie after that. the first part was super boring, nearly fall asleep. but the climax was so exciting. omg. hahahah. bused home & im back here. lol.

Yesterday, gotten my pay. was the 3rd highest of all. not bad uh. felt like a rich girl. went on a shopping spree. bought a bag, lingeries, Blazer. & lastly a shirt for sugar boy. look so good on him i sweaaar. hahah. went to his grandma house for dinner after that. then basketball for him & edwin & other random guys. stayover at grandma's house. cause aunty going to tibet, & grandma is still in penang. i had to take care of grandpa. cant really sleep because the cats was fcuking noisy. my dark eyes. :(

right now, having vivian's lesson. but aint listening to it. too mood. too tired. too hungry. maybe heading to ding tai fung later for lunch. awesome. my brain is all full of food. tsk. cant wait for JC to bring gf & i for good food. imma such a sucker for food. hahahah. im so bloody lazy to work on friday & saturday. geez. for the sake of money, i shall tolerate!

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