Wednesday, October 14, 2009

School was boring. Nothing much to do expect for vivian's lesson although i felt like i can fall asleep at any point of time. Went Bugis. Went into an cosplay shop & TADA, we spend $$ again. clothes for Halloween's day. the sad thing is for the sake work. ohwell, at least i look good in the outfit. jessalyn look cute. hahah. this kind of things cannot wait, want to do just do it, do it while young. no point waiting till you're old & regret. HAHAHAH.

Brought gf to the shop where i bought my bag. she had a hard time choosing. troublesome girl. ended up also buy the ones i choose for her. tsk. i got good taste one okay! She bought undies too. omg. she shy & even blushed. hahahah. Sent her to bus stop & trained back together with sugarboy. back to his house for dinner. the chicken chop was nice. overall, not filling for me. close ones know i eat a lot. watched tv chill & went home. i prefer going his grandma's house. lol.

pictures spam. full of my photos. scared you guys forgot how i look. -.-

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