Friday, October 02, 2009

im like super lazy to blog. -.- plus i cant remember what i did for the past few days. My voice hurts like insane. not my voice anymore, i want my sweet voice back. geez. i gotta work later, how to work with my voice like that! later customers run awaaay upon hearing my voice. hopefully sugar boy get to clinch the deal, then i no need work for at least 3months? cause he yang wo. woaaaaaaah, very shiok. no need work got money to spend already. HAHAHAHAHAH. scarly not even one month cannot yang already, cause he himself spend finish all the money already. tsk.

Had farewell dinner with with sugar boy, armpit boy & their friends. armpit boy heading to japan for 6months. thats very long. hahah. headed to airport after that. seems so sad when he walk away. i hate bidding goodbye. doesnt feel good at all. cabbed home.

as for yesterday, sugar boy took MC just solely for me. honored. hahah. headed to town for movie, shorts. personally thinks that the movie isnt that bad but sugar boy says its boring. his expectations too high already. tsk. then to Ion for my ice creeeeeeeeam. whine to sugar boy in order to get my ice cream. heh. he's always giving in to me. Roam around town, headed to bugis to take my paycheck. Din Tai Feng was next. i just cant stop eating & burping non stop. bleah. Went home kinda late. sugar boy got scolded by his mum again. tsk. i think his mother very funny. cannot stop scolding him one. funny shit.


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