Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What you're chasing for might not be worth chasing for.

New blogskin. Plain & simple. i guess no one wont be complaining about my skin on IE form already. tsk. waste a lot of time on doing the stupid picture above. luckily it turn to be awesome. i had more pictures but lazy to rearrange and stuff. so leave it as it is right now, wait till im sick of the picture & i shall change it!

Stayed at home for 2days. it's great. i can save money & slim down at the same time. wont get any temptation of buying any food or clothes. i have way more clothes than i can wear. some of them are even brand new. but but but flea market on thur, since its flea market so why not? hahahahaha. flea market are cheap, i can cure my shopping craves and wont burn my pocket. one stone kill 2 birds. heh.

i'm going for a hair cut later on in the evening ! E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!! new hair cut. hopefully my hair stylist advice would be good or else i think im gonna stick to my old hair style. not that brave to chop off my hair just like jess did. no idea where she find that bloody courage to CHOP off her hair. long post. nothing better to do. chatting with barney whose back from genting. lucky asshole. after genting go thailand. bloody hell. having supper with him later or wed before he flys. yay! &&&&&& ANNA GOT HERSELF INKED. IM JEALOUS! I ALSO WANT!!! shall wait till i design that particular design out first.

i need get so many things done.
- Get myself inked.
- Get a long term part time job.
- New hair cut
- Revamp my room
- lose weight. motivation(VS models)
- save money.

okay. i go find my inspirations of my tattoo design already. chaoz. bye! :)

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