Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterday's Flea market was great. Bought tons of stuff at a steal!!! esp jessalyn tan. perhaps i shall stop shopping online & shop at flea market instead. heh. able to buy those high end stuff at prices that you wont ever imagine it to be. hopefully Selene able to find a bit of time to go to the upcoming flea market. lol. if not, she's gonna hear me telling her what i bought from there happily. hahahaha.

the only bad thing about flea market is IT'S REALLY REALLY HOT. all of us was sweating like mad dogs. i cant help but to whine whine & whine about the screwed weather. i reckon its one of the hottest days in singapore yesterday. Aircon is the one of the greatest invention ever & tissue too. without them i think all of us would practically die.

Tried Self timer while waiting for jess to be done. the photos isnt that bad. nice nice me like. lol. only thing is i have to bend down in order to see my face. -.- mirror too low.

Had her eye on that demin vest.

One of the scariest steps i ever walked.

somehow she looks like some celebrity. =x

Dont kill me, jessalyn. XD

I think we look alike. o.o

no idea why we got the same pose.


isn't he cuteeee?! lol

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