Saturday, August 29, 2009

all plans was canceled cause khai's friend didnt pick up the call. lol. he got me rushing cause i got less than an hour to get everything done. i should have take my time instead. so we decided to catch a movie. wanted to watch the proposal but final destination was the chosen one. the timing doesnt suits us & he had to break fast on time. see i so understanding! hahahah. the seller did a good deed by letting me in even after checking my IC. heh. the movie was gross. i kept on OMG OMG OMFG all the way. khai was laughing like insane. sadistic guy just like joel when we watched district 9. tsk.

went to geylang serai after that. the so called malay bagua tasted really really awesome. even better than the chinese's ones. had Arnold's for dinner. his treat. i was totally broke to the max. bleah. to think that we actually have to reserve seats & waited an hour for those food. aint worth it at all. walked around the pasar till i cant tahan the heat anymore & we went home. i think im gonna bring jess & sister there to try the dendeng. tender, juicy, yummy. hahah. bought ramly burger for supper. sigh, there goes my diet~ 2 perfumes caught my eye, wonder which to buy. no harm getting more right? although i've already got 2. heh. it really smell nice! even khai said so.

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