Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogger is bonkers seriously. most of time is screwed, badly screwed i mean. School, projects, boring. few night ago, went to film the final year project again. since the first one cannot make it. went to geylang together with jess, sister & siewting, had a hard time finding those food stalls. after that, walked around finding more food. bought some organic jelly which taste really great!

had those tikos staring at us like they never seen girls before in their whole effing life. there's whole lots of chickens for them to stare at yet they stared at us which is almost totally covered with clothes. bloody hell. irritating eyes of theirs. if i have the chance, i would dig their eyes out for sure. found the legendary smelly beancurd after we decided to go home. of course, had some smelly beancurd first. siewting & sister cant tahan the smell. they said its awful. but from what i smell, isn't that smelly after all. we practically walked from one end to the other end of geylang. went to geylang serai for a walk. inside the tent was WOW. was sweating as though we were at the peak of some volcano. bused home after that as sister had school next day. saw one malay girl on the bus, real fair & pretty. she has a nice smile. haha

as for today, edited the video. had vivian's lesson instead of Mr ho. she explained to us the IG project. finally have HW to do. storyboard to be handed by wednesday. tsk. felt very sleepy during her lesson. i wonder if her voice has the power of making people feel sleepy & on the verge of falling asleep. did tons of rubbish actions to jessalyn. i think i was just tiny winy high. hahahahah. she kept texting her kelvin & doesnt wants to let me see the texts! confirm got something on!!!!

Barney gave me a link regarding this photographer flying around the world taking awesome photos. she can really take great pictures i swear. she's god damn rich too, imagine having 15K per shoot. how can she not be rich?! plus plus she's only 21years old. i want to be like her too. blah. enough said. Barney is going Malaysia over the weekend. & on the 3rd, he's going on bagpacking in thailand for 5days! how awesome is that. i cant tag along cause it would be too troublesome since i would be the only girl there. tsk. bagpacking like very fun can!! walao walao walao. i want go. :( im jealous. roars

tomorrow would be going to expo i guess. accompany khai to check out the rates. another one flying off soon. idiot. then geylang serai after breaking fast. but but but 3pm a bit too early leh!! i want my sleep. &&&& i wont be having school till wed. YAY YAY YAY!! :D 3weeks holidays are coming. happy~ i miss tons of people like Selene, Fafa, Jared(see i miss you k! you confirm never miss me one!) may, Davin, Donovan & obviously you too, aiyah lazy to list out already laaaah. see you guys soon! die die must go out with me at least once k. heh.

Overdued pictures. lol.

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