Saturday, August 22, 2009

I damn sad lor can! every time got flea market, none of you guys are free. pfffft. angry already laaaaa! :(

currently, i got nothing better to do. lazy to watch my dramas. i think i should learn how to put make up. oh man, im a late bloomer. nevertheless, i would still be ultra lazy to put on make up. to think waking up one hour earlier, sleeping one hour later just to put & remove make up. buay tahan, rather have my face naked. sleep is the most important thing to me ever. other than money. i so effing broke now can. buy buy buy, eat eat eat. no save save save. bloody hell. no work already, still spend money like water.

i need a job desperately i swear. someone give me a job please. i dont want those jobs that will make me gain weight though. heh. joel called & asked me out just now, rejected him. too lazy to head out. at least im not the laziest of all. joel should be crowned. i think im getting fat, but my jeans & shorts not tight. clothes still can fit. irritating. but still, im gonna lose some weight! dont care, must lose. i feel fucking fat. VS models make me jealous. i want a new wallet, sick & tired of my current wallet already. i want a new hair cut too. got a rough idea what kind of hairstyle i want already. WALAO, ALL NEED MONEY. expect for losing weight. can save a bit i guess since im going on diet. provided i resist those temptations of yummy food.

i think im talking stuff that has no link. told you, i got nothing to do. bored.

Pissed. cause he cant find it.
Finding the Frontier building anxiously.

taking a break from splitting those candies.
Finding the color candies in process
Look closely. his face is buried in the bag.
had a cigg before the movie starts.

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