Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just before me heading to bed, i shall blog. if not sooner or later, my blog would be dead. geez. let me backtrack of what had happened. Went to Ang Mo Kio to meet jessalyn & siewting just to do our project. i swear we look damn retarded in it. and my pimple!!!! FUGLY. die liao die liao ugly till can die. stupid pimple doesnt wanna go away after 3weeks still. :(

Yesterday, Went school --> home. just when i was about to take my nap, Quacky called. met him in cab. he got me running to the money spitting machine cause he took the cab that cant use Nets. next, he forgotten where's his company located at. we went around Ubi looking for it. after that, we waited for nearly 2hours for his boss to give him the pay. bloody long. Took bus 58 to paris ris which he thought that its bus 85. had some debating session about one of the profile picture he had. ended up, i effing won! heh.

missed the 9.15pm movie slot. therefore, we had our dinner first. watched 11.30pm, district 9. played that candy catching game. that idiot said it's one of the dumbest game ever but ended up he spent a lot of money on it & cant stop playing. tsk. after that, we spent half hour spiltting those sweets into half. his great idea since we got nothing to do till 11.30pm. to think that he actually can think of such idea. idiot & genius are just one line apart, how true is it. tsk. the movie isnt that bad. at least joel didnt fall asleep. he's one sadistic guy i swear. the prawns are kinda cute in some ways. had mac for supper. chill at one corner so that he could smoke. listen to his stories, i <3 listening to stories. i think yesterday night was one of the night that he speak the most. at dawn, he start to feel damn hyper & did push ups. -.- cabbed home at 5.30am! slept at 6am. too tired to go school. boo.

on monday 17/08/09, went for some so called job training with jessalyn. had sukiyaki buffet. the food was good. made me real bloated. went job hunting after that. job hunt to the extent of walking 8 shopping malls. its 8 effing shopping malls mind you! our legs are techinally calling for help. met khai for the carefour interview thingy. bused home after that. was way too tired to walk around anymore.

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