Saturday, August 15, 2009

i want some love coming in to me. C:

Currently, we are at the library. Anna & khairul are trying their best to study but i seriously doubt that they are able to. ahahah. so here am i blogging since i got nothing better to do. geez.

Wed - meteor shower was a bitch. didnt manage to see meteor shower instead we saw shooting stars. red in color though. ohwell, better than nothing. BUT I WAS MAD EXCITED ABOUT IT LAAAAAH CAN. but someone came over after that, better than meteor shower. bleah.

Thur - had only 2hours of sleep. went for school. had phase test. totally screw the test up. wanted to go back home sleep but Anna's sentence makes me go ARGH. went home change & head out again. we met Anna at Ehub. bought movie tickets "where got Ghost". Weiwen came. had Fish&co express. the movie was funny. i got shocked quite a number of times. luckily, khai didnt get irritated. Went home after the movie.

Friday - NO SCHOOL. shiok. Had some kind of a small TPS gathering. stamford's hair was OMFG. worse than long's. he went off early cause he had muay thai practice in town. Anna was very late. before Anna came, all of them bully me!!! im damn ke lian can. got bullied by them. Had dinner, camwhored. bused to Tampines after that. slacked outside Starbucks since the mall its closed. Afiq kept on farting non stop. his level of irritatingness is really to the extent of all of us cant take it anymore. Joel even asked him to stop & go one side. but it lasted only for a moment & he started again. after awhile, all of us went home.


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