Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday - met up with barney. trained down to jurong east to collect his loots. the 2 toy poodles were cuteeee! Nearly got lost on the way back. cause barney doesnt want to go back to juriong east, he wanted to take a direct bus to boon lay instead. we have to walk to and fro between bus stops just to find one bus to boon lay. in the end none goes to boon lay so we landed in jurong east again just to take train to boon lay.
Jurong Point was awesome, it has all kinds of food. but the only bad thing its really effing far from me. barney said the moment i step in the mall, i have been talking about food food & more food. hahahahah. really got a lot of food what!!! cannot blame me. somemore at that point of time, i was hungry. he bought a book after ransacking the whole shop. trained back home after that. 27stops for him. barney taught me how to play poker. & now im addicted to it.
Saturday - had dinner with grandparents. great food of course. hahahaha. wanted to have Japanese cuisine but sister wanted to eat chinese food. the bill was craazy.
Sunday- National's day. of course watch fireworks! Wore those killer heels. look tall beside khairul. went Central just to buy my candies. they still remember me! cant wait to work there, i swear. somemore the guys there not bad you know! hahahahah. Slacked all the way till 10plus at fullerton hotel after the fireworks end. we saw ppl eating mac, drinking tiger beer. imagine eating mac at fullerton hotel. so wrong. it's a 6 stars hotel you know!!
wanted to go for a drink/club but khairul haven been drinking for ages & he got work the next day. what if he get drunk or went off with some girl. hahahahah. joke k. bused home aftermath. khai was an idiot, he kept on yadaing about ghosts etc. nearly went bonkers. hate people telling me about their encounters & stuff. esp near my house area. & khai has cute eyebrows, heh. caterpillars~

told you is uber messy. haha

guess what's my lovely is eating? lol


BRYAN'S HK IC. isn't he handsome in there?



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