Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Plan to head out with khai but seems like he didnt slept for the whole night. so plan change & decided to head down to geylang serai for some yummy dendeng instead after he break his fast. My cute little happy look like one white lion after she had her bath. running around the house looking for food. geez.

A phone call from dad & my phone is changed. not to the one i wanted of course. ohwell, since the phone is faulty. might as well let daddy trade in. but the phone im using now is totally not to my liking at all! it doesnt have a function called Saved Messages. Stupid LG phone. Might get samsung phone instead since dad's jet look awesome. at least for now. and at least it does have a function called My Folders to save all those messages. I'm not interested in LG phones anymore unless there's a function to save messages. blah. enough ranting.

Mum bought a carton of root beers back home BUT without ice cream. how nice. root beer taste best with ice cream for god's sake. craving for that now!
Surf the net, found some weird stuff. like weird laws around at world. like Shoes size = Penis size. Wonder if its real. hahahaha.
Lastly, my pictures! :P

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