Tuesday, September 08, 2009

BARNEY IS BAAAAAAAAAAACK FROM PHUKET! he didnt do dread locks which im quite happy about it. cause somehow he will look better with his wavy hair of his. & he's telling me all those stuff that happened there. make me so jealous of them. blah. like how burnt he became, how those ladyboys flash their boobs to them, how the girls act in the club, surf, banana boat, did oil massage which he says is fucking shiok. THEY EVEN WENT SNORKELING!! jealous to the max. they must feel like they're in heaven. unlike sg, everything expensive. thumbs down for that.

next one would be clement cousin, heading to malaysia to visit his friend. walao, at least they get step out of SG. i dont, last time i went overseas was last bloody year. boohoo. at least clem will buy something back for me. bikinis, imagine him choosing. hahahah. funny. well, prove that he loves me this cousin of his other than his gf. heh. love you too cousin!

did those flash labs in sch, hate flash so much now. apparently, went to tampines just for pizza hut actually. but walked around and decided to catch a movie. The time traveler's wife.

almost 2hours, it's good. just that jessalyn tan is effing noisy, kept bombing me with qsns. as if i read that book before. i love almost every part of the movie esp the main actor, he's damn suave i tell you. with the goatee, he's practically something to die for. me heart guys with goatees esp those who appeals to me. goatees fetish. ahahaha. bet the book will be so much better, gonna read it soon. yay!


went home after movie got changed head out of house straight to simlim square. for that god damn training. sad to say, not much male part timers are handsome lads which made me so upset. geez. everyone love to see pretty things, mind you. imagine how noisy is the shop, 30plus people in it. the size of the shop is comparable to the size of mine & sister's room combined together i think.

the so called leader, steven was funny though his english is those cannot make it kinds. i think i talked too much cause steven somehow kept asking me qsns then ask me stop answering so that other ppl could answer. retarded leader. hahahahah. went straight home after that. was hungry to the extent that i thought i would faint at any point of time.

next few movies im gonna watch.


The ugly Truth

Coco Before Chanel.

As for today, collected those online loots. ate breakfast, went for mark lee lessons. Bused to AMK after school. both of us slept thru out the journey. got our eyebrows trimmed. before it look hideous, after it look beautiful. haha. jess did her long wanted manicure. the boss was very pretty. both of us jaw dropped when we heard that she's nearly 27years old. went back to jess's house, had dinner. Found out that she really look prettier at home rather than outside. damn ridiculous. went home. gonna sleep soon. No idea why i feel so tired today. i need a neck massage. going to head back to sabai thai massage soon.

I'll be working in the upcoming IT fair on this thur. come find me okay?! dont buy also accompany me chit chat a bit lah. almost 12hours inside, can die one leh! worse still, for 4days straight & standing for 12hours. total goner. how am i gonna cope with the coldness there. ohmygod. hopefully i get to make great friends there. the first girl friend i know yesterday working on the 3rd day. me sad. sigh.

AIYAH. take one step at a time. shall see how on thursday. im heading to bed soon. neck aching like insane. lengthy post. byebye! (:

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