Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just got back home not long ago. School technically sucks. was having major headache most of the time. but at least i get to talk to the cutie boy. hahahah. went out of meet marcus in the evening. watched Gamer. not really nice. maybe perhaps i was too hungry. at least marcus made an effort to explain whats going on to me. i was whining most of the time during the movie. Had Cafe Cartel for dinner which is totally not filling at all. he wanted to cab home but i told him not to. see i so good! help him save money. hahaha.

tomorrow school again, cant wait for the bloody holidays to start. and i can start earning some money during the holidays. maybe get away from sg for the weekend or something. we shall see. im turning in. eyes are closing. tomorrow shall be a better day! :D cause one day closer to friday. im soooo gonna watch the ugly truth. blah.

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