Thursday, September 17, 2009

can you imagine he's a guy?
he's just so beautiful, dont you think so too? (:

Seems like Blogger is back in action again. in good working condition which is great. have been spending a lot lately. Non stop of shopping. makes me feel so happy. shopping able to make someone feel happy. haha. even though my pay is not here yet but its okay to spend still, am i right? hahahah. telling selene what im gonna buy & what i have bought. bet she love me more now, since i can pass her those dresses. hahahah.

And today is officially the last day of school! silly me, i thought next week was the last week of school not this week. hahhah. jessalyn's friend introduce us a job, hopefully we will get hire. so i got more money to spend. i love spending money like water. We only live once, so why not spend our life fruitfully. we cant bring money to hell cant we?

Feeling heart burn for my girl, her boyfriend isnt treating her well again. seriously, i hate this kind of guys. they should burn in hell. so that us girls wouldnt have to suffer anymore. its not that my girl cant find any good guy. since she chose you, you should treasure her more. stop making her give in/cry ALL the time for god sake. she having her Os you know. you should be more understanding. you aint the only one being so effing busy. but what to do, my girl's world revolve around him. tsk. another reason why i cant commit. idiotic guys. should have given them one head instead of two.



waiting for that idiotic retarded monster to call me. HAHAHAAH. im feeling sleepy again. geez. turning in soon. goodnight! pictures after i get from shaoyu, promise. heh

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