Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just before me heading out for training. i have decided to try out that job after jess's friend psychoing me for nearly half hour. im too soft hearted already. jeez. hopefully its as good as what he said to me. shall believe him for now. haha.

Yesterday was awesome excluding the screwed weather. received roses from sugar boy. Gotten myself a new wallet. Had Pasta de Waraku for dinner. saw F1 race from the place itself, the sound was effing loud. my ears was literally telling me that they're gonna burst when we headed down to somewhere nearer to the race track. ohgod. some random walking here and there. headed home aftermath cause someone have to work the next day.

as for the night before, that idiot surprised me by telling me he's outside my house in the middle of the night. i was about to sleep you know! my beauty sleep gone like that. but still he's sweet. always do stuff that i didnt expect him to do. retarded. best is not to expect anything from anybody. so when somebody did something sweet etc to you, you will feel extremely happy to the max, smiling like a retard. Had supper somewhere near my place. and then talk thru out the night at petal garden while waiting for his dad to fetch him back home. Wonder will he be that sweet still after long time.. hmmmm.. ohwell, we shall see how things goes still. heh.

Overdued photos. All food. =/

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