Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OMFG! im done with my flash project! happy like mad. One project down down down! left with FYP which starts next term. i can enjoy my holidays without any worries. right now, im deciding if i should take up that job. Advantage: more Angmohs, less stress, higher pay than normal, free ride home. Disadvantage: Darker eye rings, Tired, body unhealthy, no time to sleep, bad skin condition.

i shall decide after i try out the training. hahahah. my skin condition just got recovered from the hectic IT fair which causes my bad skin condition. geez. im hungry~ waiting for mama to be back with my dinner. eating non stop today. tried the pan fried bun from tamp1. taste almost the same as xiaolongbao but its pan fried. shall buy that when im craving for xiaolongbao/not much money. did i mention that its awfully cheap? lol.

tomorrow shall be my resting day. hopefully it is. i wanna stay at home & rest.. saturday having outing. at clarke quay again. Singapore got nowhere fun at all. Ghim chi look so much cuter inside the mirror rather than real life. even jessalyn agree to it. hahah. & also i keep on forgetting he's actually 20years old. He's treating me after he get his pay! i gotta choose what i wanna eat. Monster also treating me right? in order to make up what you did yesterday. but still it takes more for me to forgive you. bleah. woaaaaah, happy like a small little girl. but but i dont want to get fat~ i really really really really cant wait for my pay to come! there's so much stuff i want to buy. Wallet, Water bottle is a must. saw Lily-of-the-Valley flower on web, its nice. i wonder if singapore has it. & blue roses doesnt exist! but i remember seeing blue roses before. its damn cool to have blue roses. hahaahah.


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