Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yesterday is awesome in very indirect way. out with jessalyn. bought biker jacket which causes me heart burn. expensiveeee. but it's the one & only one in the shop & it's red!! jess bought it too but in grey color. then walked around, saw Dingjie & his girlfriend. his gf uber skinny but i love her eyes. so pretty~ both of us had thai massage. jessalyn was screaming as if like she's getting rape.

collected the zipia stuff. took bus to cine cause our legs were screaming in pain!!! waited for them to come. they took nearly 2hours to reach. train was screwed from what they said. slacked awhile. saw barney & leonard, had some small chats. went back home instead of meeting barney cause my legs was aching real badly. had a bet with jessalyn about the tall guy. see if he's from our school. So scary can!! like want ask dont want ask like that. ended up i plucked up my courage & ask!! each of us won half. he used to be in our school. he find me familiar but not jess. but jess find him familiar instead of me. lol. had some small chats. found out that his friend stay near my house & took bus back home together. i gain another supper friend!

& today, woke up at 8am. shocking early for a saturday. went to great world city for the harry potter movie. isn't nice at all. sister even fall asleep halfway. the way the head master die is totally speechless. had ichiban sushi after that! mummy's treat. trained back home. our eyelids was shutting down. none of us are used to waking up sooooo early.

just bear with it awhile. aiya, let me camwhore a bit laaaaa hor.
very long time didnt camwhore already. hahahah. my face uber round, chubby cheeks.

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