Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I didnt went for school again. the weather is just too nice for me to get out of my bed. but i managed to morning call someone at 5.30am!!! went back to sleep right after i called him. be honored, the last time i gave someone a morning call at this hour is like ages ago. im going to go school tomorrow, for sure! running nose is killing me again. imagine someone actually ask me how to make himself ill. search & find some really funny ways to make yourself sick. shall try it next time. hahahahah.

saw some real old photos from anna in FB. those photos really got me in shock mode. i look uber hideous those days. geez. maybe i should dig out those photos & my cute little baby photos and post it up. since school started, not much outings = not much photos. i really cannot tahan my nose already! feel likes dropping anytime. im heading to my comfy bed & sleep! i have been sleeping real lots these days.

my heart sank to the bottom when you told me that. luckily, it didnt break nor ache. glad that im able to move on although it's in a very very slow pace. however, you're still irreplaceable.

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