Sunday, July 12, 2009

guess what, you just got me fuming mad. therefore, this post is dedicated to you.

what's your problem now? poking your nose into my affairs. spreading non fact bullshits to everyone. i dont mind being that mean little bitch just for you. so what if i head out with him/him/him? so what if i and him/him/him have something going on? does it even concern you? why are you so kpo? are you jealous or what? you're invading my privacy. you done it once, now you did it again. the third time, im not going to let you off. everyone has a limit to everything but you don't know about this thing called limit i suppose. i/we kept quiet doesnt mean that you have the rights to say whatever you like about me or him or even anyone else. doesnt mean that i allow you to step on my toes again & again. im just waiting for you to stop but seems like you got no idea how to stop or when to stop. for god's sake, 19years old already. please act like one not look like one. i don't want things to turn bad. it's very disheartening to see you turn to another person. we'll have to see each other in sch. you ain't like this when i first know you. your attitude just sucks to core now. right now you should just stay out of my life. or i should say stop poking your nose into my affairs or just kindly shut the fuck up. cause you wont wanna know how i am like when i blow my temper. END OF STORY.

im done ranting. (:

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