Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday - Watched some horror movie. was forced to watch. it's okay since im not the one paying. waited for JH & his friends for nearly 2hours. cam whored, so now you know why are there so many photos of us. im horrified by the movie, so long it's horror im scared. it's uber gross, i got bloody shocked by the charcoal man. Went to AMK to collect jess's stuff after the movie along with the 2 guys. JH became our baby. so cuteeee. bused back home. jessalyn stayed over my house! had a hard time sleeping, she took a lot of space. whip up supper in the middle of the night. was too hungry already.

as for today, was practically stoning for the whole day in school. cabbed home the moment school ends, was really too tired to take 2 buses. wanted to rest at home but found out that Ion was officially open today. & didnt expect Queky to be so steady to accompany me out. prepared & met him at enous mrt. was kinda nervous cause i haven been seen him for the past 5years plus.
he still look the same to me, just that his face turn uber smooth. wonder what he did. i want uber smooth face too can! walked around Ion, nothing much. not my kind, too expensive. went to Ajisen for dinner. his treat! brought him to slice. he says taste/ look like shit. idiotic guy, dont know how to appreciate nice food. he kept on complaining, effing funny. his expressions were priceless.

decided to go to orchard central, i lead the way. but ended up in some weirdo places. queky had to call his friend for directions. took bus there instead. walked around.then i wanted to go Central for sticky since we still got some time left. took bus, overshot one stop. and ended up at chinatown. once again, he had to call his mummy for directions. hahahah. he kept on laughing at me, sighing. says that im the queen of the blur, sotong, etc. is he dont want to believe me what! when i say i suck at directions. see laaaa, now regret already. lol. walked to Central but sticky was closed. i was damn upset. bused back home. and queky went to find his so called ugly friends. hahahaha

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