Saturday, July 25, 2009

blogger is getting very cranky, fautly & sucky these days.

on wed, woke up late yesterday & decided not to go to school. Met J somewhere near his house. had lunch. decided to catch a movie. Went his house to check out the timings cause he cant get his Dream to work & wait his friends to get their MCs done.

Met his friends. went around shopping cause Ken wanted too. he shops like a woman. effing slow. Watched Ice Age 3. like finally. cinema was freaking cold. but J doesnt feel cold at all, that cold blooded guy. Went down to bedok 85 after that. 3 guys popped out of nowhere. babyJH's friends. Went home, nearly got lost, nearly. jessalyn gonna have a boyfriend soon i suppose? hhahahahha! so happy for her man!

As for Thursday, Met JE. he look damn effing gay with his uniform. i cant stop saying about his uniform. watched Murderer, kinda gore. ain't nice. we were like talking for the whole entire movie. had SuperDog for dinner. isnt filling at all. bused home aftermath. was telling JE how great is my house area despite its so ulu. hahahaha

Yesterday. Met JE at parkway. those stupid buses nearly made me go nuts. accompanied him to his dentist. thought it would be an hour of waiting but surprisingly its less than half hour. had Katong Laksa. it's awesome. went to have some Dim Sum after that. Board 966 all the way to woodlands. the journey was one of the longest i ever took in Singapore. the seats wasnt nice too

waited for that 169. insanely long. should have walk there instead. saw his friend on bus. he totally look like wynne!!! male version though. met his friends. went for the IGNITE. Not my type of music. most of them was sweating & smelly. thought that JE was the worst among them until i saw MJ. He looks like he got drenched. Chong wah mistaken ear piece as hearing aid. uber dumb!

after the IGNITE ends. Mrted home. wanted to take bus back from enous mrt but chong wah practically forces us to accompany him to walk home. we got no choice but go accompany him. talked about CW's virgin hickey from his so called girlfriend. everyone were teasing him for the whole night including me. hahahah. cook supper right away after i reach home. was complaining to mr boyfriend that im hungry hungry hungry. heh.

im heading out with Quacky later to watch fireworks. doubt he will put me aeroplane, but still hopefully not. must bring camo out later! must ah! regretted not bringing out yesterday. argh

which is me & which is my sister?! :D

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