Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last saturday, i was effing upset can! cause i didnt get to see the fireworks. J's grand aunt passed away, so he had to head down to the funeral. he put me aeroplane last min. was damn upset laaaaaa. what to do, who ask his grandaunt passed away that day. went to have my hair cut with sister & had dinner at granny's house instead. another last min decision. tsk.

Sunday. Went to national musuem with JE! i must be nuts to go there. luckily, there's JE accompany me to go nuts. HAHAHAHAH. in the end, he ditch me cause his mighty dad called him for dinner. damn annoying, tell me where to find a back up plan last min sial?! ohwell, at least he compensate me by sending me home. i seriously abhors last min plans/decision. but what to do, guys are born this way. tsk tsk tsk.

hopefully this time i would be able to watch the fireworks! please! & flea market on sunday! if not, im gonna whine all the way till someone cheer me up. woooah, if barney free tomorrow, we gotta head down to jurong east. freaking far. anyway, thanks ah JE for your help. couldnt have do it without you (: &&& i miss staying over at Abrie/Xavier's house. i miss them so so so much! of course, Selene too!

RetardedCock eye with the hidden eyelids. you wanna eat who up uh?! Dirty MirrorAct scared only. Those malay oldies are nice alright!My head didnt get stuck in between k!He must have saw some sexy angmohs pass by. LOL
Legs too long, cannot ride.if my dad didnt threw away the camera :(
Her make up = OMFG thick.
She look like a man, doesnt she?
This way please~
Retared + cheeky + dumb + blur + mad + random = Jared.

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