Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm going get it soon. i bet it would be insanely fun, for me at least. im craving for lots of food. im that kind of person who prefer yummy food than those japalang stuff. hah. therefore, i would want my future husband/bf to know how to cook or at least accompany me to eat eat eat! give me delicous food instead of useless stuff.

im craving for a lot of food from tons of places around SG.
- Simpang bedok / bedok 85
- Pasta de waraku / Waraku.
- Astons / popyees
- Yuki yaki / chomp chomp
- Chocolate buffet from fullerton hotel / Golden Mile Centre.
- Din tai feng / Crystal Jade kitchen
- Sushi tei / Baked rice near jess's house.
- Ah lam's / Fresh Bulggogi.
- Oyster mee sua / Sakura
- Superdog / Bali thai.
- Botak's jones / J.CO donuts.
- jowj's home cooked food / Grandma's homemade fried chicken wings.

ETCCCCC. way too much for me to mention. give me yummy food & i'll be more than contented / treat you better. hah. & the last thing, i never want to get my ankle sprained. it's total agony to have your own ankle to be pushed by the doctor. but it's nice to see other people get pushed. hahahaha. someone is sleeping so happily that he forgot that i actually exist. bleah. oh well, 9.30am-6pm lessons. shall forgive him but never forget! *evil grins*


JOWJ's self created pictures.
i like the second one. heh. IT'S BEAUTIFUL LA OKAY. HAPPY ALREADY A NOT JOWJ?!

im heading to bed so that i wont be that late for school tomorrow. :D

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