Monday, May 25, 2009

i need a job, for my upcoming holidays. i dont wanna rot at home & heading out with a limit amount of money for me to spend. or i should get back to that job? geez. im craving for waraku again. tsk. get to know a new friend this morning at 2plus am. cool isnt it. when everyone else is sleeping. he's not bad looking. joshua! the army boy. he's a peranakan just like me. brought happy down, YE was so high upon seeing her. went back home at 4am cause i cant get my brain to work anymore. totally in sleepy mode.

school was alright. YE came to fetch me from school. i was so shocked to see his leg swollen. sprained his ankle right after he sent me home. tsk. wanted to head out to AMK to eat the baked rice near jess's house but went ikea instead. easier for the disabled guy. spent everything on food. geez. didnt manage to walk around cause anglin called. waited for the god damn long shutter bus for a very long time. met him and yongwen at CS. Anglin said that i look like one lower secondary school girl with specs & hair tied up. blah. & unknowingly i became the hamster monster. geez. Anglin & YE sent me home despite me saying no for countless of times. how can i let a disabled guy to send me home. tsk.

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