Monday, February 02, 2009

I shall blog where did i go for the past few days before i forgot.

met davin at TP. went to 201 with his friends to search for some stuff. had dinner there, the western food there isnt as nice as before. in fact, it sucks now. sent his friends off home, waited for daryl, lok and shijie. bused east point. went to NTUC to buy food for the night while waiting for other people to arrive. the usual people just like last time. hah. after everyone arrived, head to davin house. played basketball. went back to his house. played blackjack, majong. beer sucks to core. i was the jigglypuff for the night. bleah. cabbed home early in the wee morning.

the family from my mum's side came my house. gambled. played in between, made all of us scream like crazy including the adults. ahaha. what a nice family bonding we had. papa lost a lot, mama won a lot. as for me, i won around 10bucks. little but better than nothing. that game nearly made my heart jump out from my mouth man! scary shit. they went back at around 10 plus.

woke up early, went to pray with family. went to papa's friend's shop. some famous kok kok mee. isnt my type of food. wonder why mum & dad like it so much. headed home. evening, went to TP find sayang. waited for sayang & zihao to finish their never ending work. then headed to eat dinner. bused home.

didnt head to school. promise to go school tomorrow. heh. pink hook~ went to grandma's house due to that troublesome boy of mine. met him at TM. watched love's matters. not as nice as i expected it to be. such a disappointment. that movie whom i watch with jessalyn is much more nicer. had dinner together. went back to grandma's house to watch my drama. and bused back home. no pictures cause i didnt bring my camo out. waaay too lazy. just keep the fun for myself. ahhaaa.

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