Wednesday, January 28, 2009

met sayang yesterday. after this week, he would be freeeee! which means more time for me. damn those god damn projects of his. watched jia you xi shi with jessalyn. ultra funny to the core. gonna watch love matters & the wedding game with sayang next week, he promise already. ahaha. sayang gonna call me waste money queen again. & i bought something for him. heeee.

Things im buying soon.
-those Cookies. $35
-that cotton on shorts $30
-RED lanyard (if i can find) or that roxy lanyard, it's fine with me, but expensive!!

I WANT A RED LANYARD REAL BADLY. :( NOT ORANGE RED, IS BRIGHT RED/BLOOD RED. ANYONE WHO CAN GET IT FOR ME, I WILL LOVE HIM/HER TO DEAAAATH. not more than sayang of course. or at least tell me where to buy. :(

Smallest, cutest, fattest ying ying!
Handsomeee "Boyfriend" of mine! Lol.

Xiao lao su! heh
Xiao yi zhang!
little rich aunty of mine!
Grandpops!Beloved grandmother!
Fashionable, dote, love me etc! Oh so not young sister of mine.
dont get deceive by her in those photos. Mummy!
stop saying we look alike.

FYI: I THINK IM FUCKING CHUBBY. TURNING CHUBBIER & FATTER AS EACH DAY GOES BY. OHGOSH!!!!! :( & pardon me for being sucha zi lian bitch. hah.

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