Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i have got an urge to get married. haha. those pretty wedding gowns, my handsome husband, wedding rings, photo shoots, my bride maids, honeymoon, wedding dinner, wishes from everyone etc etc. once in a lifetime. i want it to be memorable, to me & my future husband. first child of mine shall be name Joey, represents him. it's cool when the kid have the same name as his/her mother. ahaha. whatever.

i went to school today. and i wasnt even late, miracle. school ended at 3pm. headed down to NTUC to buy food. mum's paying anyway. didnt really buy much cause im the only one carrying home. i got not much strength in me. lol. dad's cooking dinner! i have a unique family. happy finally went to her fur cut. im hungry. sayang is having project. he just got me annoyed by saying me crazy. bought him his favorite foods, called me crazy instead of giving me xoxos. argh! hao xin mei hao bao! lastly, i personally feel that sayang is darn smart despite me calling him dumb. able to get my sister an A1 for her exams/tests, isnt he great? my smart little boy.heee. im off eating.

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