Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i have finish watching my anime! omg omg! these guys are my obsession now. cute, wild, cool, prince, devil types. awwwwwww! its making me gah gah gah over them. how i wish im haruhi. too bad, SG doesn't have this type of good looking guys. i need new anime to watch. &&&& i want season 2 of ouran high school, D.gray man season 3! ohmymama. kawai neh! gooooosh.

hope that my mama gonna watch it soon, & i shall go gah gah with her about those guys. yes yes, my mum watch animes & my dad watch online dramas. your parents doesn't but my parents does. even sayang says that my parents are damn hip. hahahah. "weird" family i have.

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