Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yesterday was awesome despite we didnt did much stuff. but just being alone with him was more than enough. he's always sooo busy with his work. tsk. he came my house, passed the choco. wasnt really in the mood to head out cause both of us was lazy. but still, we managed to drag our butts out. cabbed to marina square after sayang continuous whining. both of us was shocked that marina square was full of people.

ate pasta de waraku. i was so unhappy about the corn soup! it's just 1/4 filled. service drop a lot compared to last time. 10% charge you know! walked around. can't seems to find the over head bridge that link to suntec city from citylink. sayang said it's not there before. BUT im bloody hell sure that the bridge got demolished due to the underpass. i even wanna bet with him but sayang dont want too. he scared that he will lost the bet & he would have to pay $205 extra. hahahah.

sayang spent a lot. nearly 100bucks for 2shirts. one from topman while other one from body nits i think. reeeeed looks good on him. lucky i requested to go to suntec if he wont be able to get it. haha. as for me, i bought 2sets of contact solution cause it's was on half price. cheap like insane. sayang carried it anyway. heh. jalan awhile & trained back home. sayang went home after awhile. no camera = no pictures.

oh oh oh, im gonna bring sayang, girlfriend & selene to the cheap & nice western food that my pops brought me for dinner just now. im sure that they will love it esp sayang. these three gulttons. i'm afraid that sayang is unable to wear the tee i bought him. cause seems like he grew fatter. my fat fat. heh

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