Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joey is spending money like water.
Joey is going broke soon.
Joey is missing fat fat though she met him less than 24hours ago.
Joey is gonna get her ass back to work to EARN MANY MANY COLD HARD CASH.
Joey is going to spend more after she gets her pay.
Joey is craving for pasta de waraku's corn soup.
Joey is currently talking to daryl.
Joey is thinking of match making siewting & jessalyn.
Joey won't believe jessalyn's words anymore.
Joey will never go to yishun anymore unless needed.
Joey bought a dress for siewting as birthday present.
Joey indirectly made jessalyn spend money like water.
Joey feels like puking. due to the ramen i guess?
Joey wants to eat fat fat's home cooked food.
Joey wants to buy a lot a lot of stuff.
Joey wants to head out with selene to pick seeds.
Joey wants wishing to open her TW preorder again.
Joey wish that fat fat will turn fit fit. Not look fit fit. =/
Joey need to save more than she's spending.
Joey needs a neck massage.
Joey need to get siewting & jessalyn a boyfriend.

Joey is gonna watch tv, wait for fat fat's reply, wait for my dinner to be brought back home, match make either one of my girl to daryl or any other clique of his. BUT i think very hard, both of them so picky one. nevermind, can try. HAHAHHAHA.

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