Saturday, January 24, 2009

Self proclaim kisses. :D

Met sayang at enous mrt station. trained to cityhall. had mos burger for brunch. met the buyer for my lovely dress. went over to marina square. nearly fall despite holding onto him. jessalyn will be laughing at me again if she see this. bleah. jalan jalan, saw edwin & amos, headed to eat my dim sum. walked into the roxy/quicksilver shop, when i was about to get dragged out by sayang. i went back in again to see those wallets. saw one which suits sayang. asked the salesgirl how much. the girl told me the price, and i got so shocked that i asked again to reconfirm. i though i heard wrongly. even sayang was shocked. ridiculously cheap.

bought that wallet for him despite him kept on telling me not to buy. bought a roxy wallet for myself due to the shocking price. though i just got my new wallet 3days ago. lol. can keep what or switch wallet every now and then. haha. sayang sent me home & he went to meet his friends. had reunion dinner. 3cans of bao yu and still not enough for gluttons like us. went down to meet derick to return his things & catch up with stuff. saw kids quarreling, fighting. that small boy was ultimate random. came in front of us while we were talking happily & asked us random questions. as though we know him. we were laughing due to the jokes after he's gone. hah

just got back not long ago. waiting for sayang to call after he reach home. that stupid boy of mine. geez. he's going malaysia tomorrow. awwwwwww.. i'll be missing him. he better get back on monday. bleah. now im going to take a nap. bye peeps. (:

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